Open call – up to 10 PhD projects in our new graduate school

Open call for up to 10 PhD projects at Uppsala University in the new eSSENCE – SciLifeLab graduate school in data-intensive science.

UPDATE 2022-02-01: The process is still ongoing. Unfortunately we have had delays again due to long lead times and the wide spread of Covid-19, but now all reviews are in and we expect to make a funding decision soon. 

UPDATE: There was 48 proposals submitted in this call. We are now in the process of soliciting external reviews (each proposal will be reviewed by two external reviewers) and we expect to make the final funding decision early January. 

The call for projects to recruit a PhD student in the newly founded graduate school in data-intensive science is now open! PIs formulate project proposals and if accepted, will then recruit a PhD student to the project. We look forward to your proposals. The call closes on Nov 8, 2021.

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Good luck!