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e-Science is research based on advanced information and communication technologies and the development of new methods and tools for such research. Key areas are computer-based simulation, modelling and visualisation, and the collection, storage and analysis of large amounts of data.

e-Science offers radically new opportunities for collaboration between experts, in academia and industry, within and across disciplines, and regardless of geographical distance.

the essence of e-science

What do we do?

eSSENCE unites and supports research within e-Science. Unlike most other research areas, e-Science is not based on disciplines or on the subject matter being studied. Instead we focus on the tools used, which are of a digital nature.

We promote collaboration. By bringing research groups together with a focus on e-scientific methods, a platform for exchange and knowledge transfer is created.

Research since 2010


eSSENCE is motivated by researcher’s needs for e-Science methods. The research within eSSENCE spans over a wide area, including science, engineering, medicine, social science, economics, and humanities.

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The impact of e-Science can be found in all areas of academia. Read our latest news here!

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Last week the Swedish e-Science Academy was arranged in Uppsala. For two days, 11th–12th of …

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graduate school

An important part of eSSENCE’s mission is to promote the use of e-Science methodology in research and development. In a collaboration with SciLifeLab, we have started our new Graduate School.

A collaboration between:


We are connected with several infrastructures to enable our research.

Materials Science

Materials Science starts from the smallest of building blocks to see how they combine to produce the properties of macroscopic objects.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences strive to understand what makes living things tick and include medical applications and animal behaviour.

Citizen Earth

Citizen Earth covers the social and technological aspects of human life, the study of our home planet and its climate as well as looking beyond into the rest of the Universe.

Cornerstone Technologies

Cornerstone Technologies are methods, systems and software tools striking at the heart of e-Science challenges that transcend the scientific domains.

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