COMPUTE – A research school dedicated to scientific discovery using computers

COMPUTE is a research school at Lund University, with a focus on scientific discovery using computing.
COMPUTE, which complements other PhD programmes, brings together partners from several different departments and faculties at Lund University.

eCAT: A catalogue of courses with e-Science content at Lund University

The goal of eCAT is to provide accessible information concerning the e-Science content of courses offered at all faculties at Lund University.

The source only contain specific undergraduate courses and not, for example, course codes corresponding to master’s theses or very open projects. PhD courses will be added in the future.


Swedish e-Science Education
Courses in e-Science for PhD students
SeSE is a collaboration between the two national strategic research initiativese eSSENCE and SeRC, originating from the e-Science graduate schools NGSSC and KCSE.
Information about upcoming courses with syllabus and further information can be found at the SeSE site

bioA free internet course from Uppsala: Introductory Course on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics.

Two other internet courses from Uppsala: Applied Structural Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics and Applied Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics.


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