About Us

e-Science has already transformed our society. Computers, networks and software are omnipresent in our daily lives. With the help of modern information and communication technology we are not only advancing science but also developing new industrial processes, modern materials and better medicines. Yet this is only the beginning: a world of methods and applications are waiting to be discovered, developed and implemented for the benefit of science and society.

who we are
eSSENCE is a strategic collaborative research programme in e-science between three Swedish universities with a strong tradition of excellent e-science research: Uppsala University, Lund University and Umeå University. It originated from a governmental initiative to promote high-quality research in areas of strategic societal and industrial importance.
our vision

The vision of eSSENCE is to take Swedish e-science to the highest international level and build a creative research environment where:

  • new e-science methods and tools are developed, implemented and applied
  • new e-science applications are discovered and developed
  • the next generation of e-science researchers is trained in forefront science
digital revolution


e-Science is research based on advanced information and communication technologies and the development of new methods and tools for such research. Key areas are computer-based simulation, modelling and visualisation, and the collection, storage and analysis of large amounts of data.

e-Science offers radically new opportunities for collaboration between experts, in academia and industry, within and across disciplines, and regardless of geographical distance.

why is it important?

endless possibilities

E-science methods are greatly expanding the possibilities for researchers to make progress, in all fields of science. They allow experiments that would otherwise be impossible.

strategic importance

NEW WAYS of research

The research tasks tackled by eSSENCE using e-Science methods address complex problems of strategic importance to society.

Some examples is drug discovery, genetic causes of disease,  impact of climate change on ecosystems, management of water resources, and questions about the structure of the universe.



These challenges are so complex that they require national and international cooperation.

Established e-Science approaches are complemented by new e-Science methodologies, which will be developed within eSSENCE in multidisciplinary collaboration between different types of methodologists and specialists in the different application areas.


Feature Benefit

The Universities of Uppsala, Lund and Umeå are all at the forefront of international research in e-Science research, method development and education.

They want to create a digital research community and environment with outstanding opportunities for success with their joint initiative eSSENCE.

eSSENCE strives to create a research environment that enables a strong interplay between e-science research, e-infrastructures, e-education, industry and society.

who are we?

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