Swedish Theoretical Chemistry Meeting, Uppsala, 27-29 Oct 2014

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We invite you to participate in the following conference:

Swedish Theoretical Chemistry Meeting 2014 – New Horizons
at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, Sweden
27–29 October 2014 (lunch to lunch)

Room: Häggsalen at the Ångström Lab, Uppsala University
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/stkmuu14
Deadline for abstracts and registration: 26 September 2014
Among the invited speakers are:

  • Prof. Roberto Car (Princeton U, USA)
    “Water, ice, dynamics and hybrids”
  • Prof. Martin Head-Gordon (UC Berkeley, USA)
    “The next generation of electronic structure theories”
  • Prof. Sally Price (UCL, UK)
    “Crystal-polymorphs prediction for pharmaceutical development – a challenge for force-field development and our understanding of crystallization”
  • Prof. Joost VandeVondele (ETH Zurich, CH)
    “Exploring the frontiers in sampling, large-scale models, and electroncorrelation using petascale computing and CP2K.”
  • Dr. Horst Weiss (BASF, DE)
    “Driving innovation for materials in the chemical industry – modelling needs and opportunities”

For this meeting we define theoretical chemistry in a broad sense, encompassing theory and computation from all fields of chemistry and its interfaces with physics, biology, materials science, and so on. The meeting is subtitled “New Horizons”, and the presentations will discuss new methods and directions, from fundamental concepts of bonding to calculations for industrial applications.

We welcome your participation and your oral or poster contributions!

/Kersti Hermansson and co-organisers