eSSENCE Multiscale Modelling Meeting, 3-5 June 2019 in Uppsala

– with “Physics-based and data-driven modelling” as a cross-cutting theme.
Venue:   The Ångström Laboratory of Uppsala University
Time:     3-5 June 2019, lunch-to-lunch
Multiscale modelling (coupling & linking of models) is a central theme in molecular and materials modelling of complex systems, and it is also a central theme of this meeting. Furthermore, this is the 2nd international EMMC-eSSENCE meeting with the sub-theme of physics-based & data-driven modelling.  How can physics-based insight and data-driven analysis  best work together (or at least how can they complement each other)? Will the reliability, accuracy and validity of our modelling results improve when data-driven approaches are mixed in with physics-based simulation techniques?
Registration is open! The deadline for registration and abstracts submission is 15th of May 2019.  Abstracts on the general theme of multiscale modelling (we use the term in a broad sense) and on the data-driven &. physics-based models theme are equally welcomeIt is of course also perfectly fine to participate without a presentation – there will be many opportunities to participate in discussions. The meeting is free of charge.
Very welcome to come and participate and discuss new trends in modelling!
Kersti Hermansson, Peter Broqvist