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Computational Design Optimization and Inverse Problems for Wave Propagation Problems

The field of computational design optimization has, during the last 15 years or so and particularly in the automotive and aeronautical industries, revolutionized the design process of advanced components. In particular, the technique of topology optimization makes it possible for a computer algorithm to find the optimal configuration of a structure build from to hundreds of millions (the record 2016 is around 1 billion!) of small pixels (2D) or voxels (3D). So far, the aim has usually been to find structures that are optimized with respect to mechanical properties such as stiffness and weight. Much less development has been carried out for electromagnetic components, and these methods were almost unused for such applications before the start of the project.

Near field directional monopole antenna triplet designed using topology optimization techniques

Prototype of a single-layer directional monopole antenna designed, by topology optimization, for nearfield sensing. The middle structure is a phantom representing biological material.

The aim of the project is to change the way that high-performance electromagnetic devices are designed, in order to simplify the design of existing components, improve their performance, and develop new types of devices for applications such as sensing and communication.

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