2018 eSSENCE meeting on “Multiscale modelling of materials and molecules

You are most welcome to register for the 2018 eSSENCE meeting at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, 11-13 June (lunch-to-lunch), https://sites.google.com/site/emultiscale2018/.

eSSENCE research in focus

Chemistry of Complex Materials

Chemically active metal oxide surfaces and interfaces ‒such as catalysts, sensors and electrodes‒ play a crucial role in our society and in the development of new technologies. In fact, more than 80 % of industrial processes worldwide, and all the electrochemical energy sources, rely on the chemical surface activity of (nanostructured) catalysts to function. In most cases, the mechanisms are unknown, preventing controlled improvement of these processes. Here computational condensed-matter chemistry can be of immense benefit in the exploration of the nanoworld and its possibilities to improve our world. .

Ceria nanoparticles

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