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eSSENCE has together with SciLifeLab started a new interdisciplinary graduate school to address challenges in data-intensive science. See our new projects down below!

Strategic areas

Graduate Scool in data-intensive science

Together with SciLifeLab, eSSENCE has started a new interdisciplinare scool to adress challanges in data-intensive science.

The primary mission is to ensure a long-term foundation for high-profile research in areas critical to other strategic initiatives in data-driven science at partner universities and nationally. The School will be an arena where experts in computational science, computer science and engineering, i.e. systems and methodology, work closely with researchers in the data-driven sciences, industry and society to accelerate data-intensive scientific discovery. The School should actively work to create synergies between the relevant strategic research initiatives, complement related strategic initiatives at the University and nationally, and actively encourage collaboration with industry and society.

Open positions

PhD student in astronomical classification with 4MOST

The Division for Astronomy and Space Physics conducts research on galaxies and cosmology, stellar physics, planetary systems, atomic astrophysics and instrumentation. The Division is participating in a range of international scientific collaborations around telescopes and satellites. We are now hiring a PhD student in astronomy, focused on astronomical classification with the telescope 4MOST (4-metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope).

10 new projects

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Projects founded by our Graduate School

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