UPPMAX 10 years on November 21


UPPMAX celebrates its 10th anniversary with a symposium and inauguration of UPPNEX new compute cluster Milou and storage system Pica.

Date: November 21, 2013
Time: 13-16
Place: Häggsalen, Ångström Laboratory.
Web: www.uppmax.uu.se/uppmax-10-years
UPPMAX (Uppsala Multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Computational Science) is Uppsala University’s resource of high-performance computers, large-scale storage and know-how of high-performance computing (HPC).

UPPMAX  is one of the six centra in the national metacenter Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC)

Formal Program
13.00 Welcome, Hans Karlsson, Director UPPMAX
13.02 Presentation by the vendors: HP/GoVirtual (Milou) and Hitachi/SouthPole (Pica)
13.15 UPPMAX 10 years in 9 minutes, Hans Karlsson, Director UPPMAX
13.24 UPPMAX from the perspective of SNIC, Jacko Koster, Director SNIC
13.33 UPPMAX from the perspective of SciLifeLab, Karin Forsberg Nilsson, Scientific director SciLifeLab
13.42 UPPMAX and Next Generation Sequencing, Ola Spjuth, UPPNEX
13.51 UPPMAX and Uppsala University, Eva Åkesson, Vice Chancellor, Uppsala University

Inauguration of Milou and Pica

Coffee and cake

Scientific Program
14.30 Siv Andersson: A drop in the oceans: Single cell- and meta-genomic analyses of aquatic ecosystems
14.50 Kim Bolton: Piezoelectric and barrier properties of polymer composite systems
15.10 Lynn Kamerlin: Computational Protein Evolution: Progress and Pitfalls
15.30 Jörg Tiedemann: Data-driven Natural Language Processing
15.50 David van der Spoel: Concluding remarks


Postdoc position in computer science or bioinformatics with focus on Hadoop for large scale sequence analysis

at the Department of Information Technology
Application no later than 2012-10-15. UFV-PA 2012/2414

Background: The emerge of high-throughput technologies such as next-generation sequencing has turned life science into a data-intensive domain, which places high demands on an e-infrastructure in order to be analysed. UPPMAX (www.uppmax.uu.se) is UppsalaUniversity’s center for high performance storage and computations that via the project UPPNEX (www.uppnex.uu.se) offers resources for storage, computations, software and user support in bioinformatics and primarily sequence analysis. We are now seeking a Postdoc to evaluate how technologies like cloud computing and Hadoop can complement the current infrastructure and offer improved services in storage and analysis of bioscience data. Continue reading

Uppsala: Registration to CSC2012 – This summer in Uppsala

The 35th CERN School of Computing will be held at the Uppsala University, Sweden
from Monday 13th of August to Friday 24th August 2012

Programme highlights
The CERN School of Computing 2011 is organised around 3 thematic themes, each theme comprising lectures and exercises.

  • Do you know how to bridge Grids and Clouds using virtualization technology?
  • Is it possible to simplify LHC physics analysis using virtual machine?
  • How can reliable storage services be built from unreliable hardware?
  • Why are tapes still used in high energy physics data storage?
  • How can I write code for tomorrow’s hardware, today?
  • Do you want to see your software with attacker’s eyes?
  • Can you hack your own code?
  • Do you know what do ‘code injection’ and ‘integer overflow’ have in common?
  • What’s so special about High Energy Physic’s data format?
  • What are the key statistical methods used in physics data analysis?

All the answers at CSC2012 Continue reading