Linguistics and visual information

List of projects

Project: Efficient Algorithms for Natural Language Processing Beyond Sentence Boundaries

Dr. Joakim Nivre
Dept. of Linguistics and Philology, UU

Project goals:
Develop efficient algorithms to allow the integration of wide contextual information for improved quality in language technology applications (e.g., translation)

Project: Sensor Data

  • Humanities laboratory – Lund Bioimaging Centre

A project between the Language Laboratory in Lund and the Lund Bioimaging Centre regarding data management and analysis of streaming data in different process steps. In the area of humanities, this project aims at understanding the cognitive processes in the brain. For the medical scientists it aims at understanding neurobiological disfunction. It is important to build up competence coupled to data management for these laborative processes.

Research leaders: Deniz Kirik (European Research Council Starting Grant) and Sven Strömqvist (Linnéstöd)