Postdoc in structural bioinformatics of GPCRs – Development of GPCR-ModSim

Postdoc opening in structural bioinformatics of GPCRs
Development of GPCR-ModSim,

The platform GPCR-ModSim is one of the first and most complete web-based solutions for the modeling and simulation of GPCRs (see The GPCR-ModSim project is now part of the Computational and Systems Biology program at the Cell and Molecular Biology department in Uppsala University, one of the most vibrant and dynamic Universities in Europe. Our research on G-protein coupled receptors (see ) is currently funded by several private and public sources. In particular, the development of GPCR-ModSim is supported by a grant from the Carl Trygger Foundation (Stockholm), and we are looking for a talented postdoc to join this project in the spring 2015. If you have recently finished your PhD (or you are about to in the very next future) in bioinformatics, computer science, computational chemistry or similar disciplines, you are encouraged to send us an application for this position. Simply send a CV and a motivation letter by e-mail to

You should:

  • Have experience in computer simulations and/or protein modeling and/or bioinformatics
  • Have programming skills in Python and be familiar with Unix systems,
    web servers and databases.
  • Be interested in the development and implementation of novel computational methodologies within structural biology and ligand design.
  • Have demonstrated capacity of collaboration and ability for multidisciplinary

We offer:

  • A one year, tax-free fixed postdoctoral position, with possibilities to extend our funding.
  • An extensive network of collaborations. We are part of the EU-COST action GLISTEN, which agglutinates the major GPCR research labs and industries in Europe, and maintain several collaborations with top medicinal chemists, structural biologists and pharmacologists in the field (see
  • A vibrant international environment in one of Europe’s top universities.

Applications or further inquiries are welcome until 31st January to the project leader:

Hugo Gutierrez de Teran, PhD.
Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology
Uppsala University (SWEDEN)
Phone: +46(0)18 471 5056