The bioinformatics community is adopting novel cloud computing technologies to cope with the challenges set forth by complex data integration tasks and NGS data masses. The hackathon will focus on next challenges that cloud adoption poses: massively distributed data processing frameworks such as Hadoop, distributed cloud databases and distributed bioinformatics applications.

The event will continue from topics raised during the previous hackathon in March in Finland where we familiarised ourselves with the relevant questions of Hadoop based data processing and proceeded to benchmark different deployment scenarios, some bioinformatics tools and generic cloud computing tools.

The next steps are: proceeding into bioinformatics specific computational challenges (mapping, variant calling, etc.) and discussing the mechanisms that allow easy deployment of new tools into a cloud platform (CloudBioLinux, VM images, Chef, etc.).

The event is aimed at bioinformaticians and software developers who are using or planning to use Hadoop or similar cloud computing frameworks. It will be organised around practical problem solving and group work.
The event is organized by the EU COST Action SeqAhead (www.seqahead.eu), and kindly sponsored by UPPMAX (www.uppmax.uu.se) and eSSENCE (www.essenceofescience.se).
Organisers: Ola Spjuth, Aleksi Kallio, Eija Korpelainen.