Postdoc position in computer science or bioinformatics with focus on Hadoop for large scale sequence analysis

at the Department of Information Technology
Application no later than 2012-10-15. UFV-PA 2012/2414

Background: The emerge of high-throughput technologies such as next-generation sequencing has turned life science into a data-intensive domain, which places high demands on an e-infrastructure in order to be analysed. UPPMAX ( is UppsalaUniversity’s center for high performance storage and computations that via the project UPPNEX ( offers resources for storage, computations, software and user support in bioinformatics and primarily sequence analysis. We are now seeking a Postdoc to evaluate how technologies like cloud computing and Hadoop can complement the current infrastructure and offer improved services in storage and analysis of bioscience data. Continue reading

Uppsala: Project in Computational Science

Dear Colleagues,

With this letter we kindly invite you to suggest a project assignment for the forthcoming course, entitled ‘Project in Computational Science’. The course is organized by the Division of Scientific Computing at the Institute for Information Technology, Uppsala University and will take place in the period October 24-December 23, 2011.
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