The Swedish e-Science Academy, 5-6 October 2022 – Programme

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The event will take place at Aula Biologica, Umeå University Campus. More practical Information can be found here. 

Programme Wednesday, October 5 

12.00 Welcome to Umeå 
Lunch (packed lunch for late arrival)

13.15 Opening Session
Erik Elmroth, Professor at Department of Computing Science, Umeå University and Bo Kågström, Professor Emeritus at Department of Computing Science, Umeå University, both PI:s and Local Coordinators at Umeå University, and Andreas Hellander, Associate Professor at Department of  Information Technology, Uppsala University and eSSENCE Programme Director.

13.30 Keynote Presentation: Materials Modelling  – Are We Moving? Forward?
Kersti Hermansson, Professor at Department of Chemistry, Uppsala University

14.10 Development of Atomic Basis Sets and Model Potentials for Applications in Electronic Structure Theory
Valera Veryazov, Associate Professor at Division of Theoretical of Chemistry, Lund University

 14.30 Making It Work in Reality: Out-of-Distribution Sample Handling in Bio-Medical Deep Learning Classification Problems
Ida-Maria Sintorn, Professor at Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University

14.50 Matrix Computations: Going Beyond Libraries 
Paolo Bientinesi, Professor at Department of Computing Science, Umeå University

15.10 Poster Blitz (1 slide, 45 seconds per poster)
Chair: Professor Erik Elmroth and all poster presenters

15.40 Poster Session with Refreshments and Snacks
17.30 Transport (bus/walk) to the Hotel and Check-In
19.00 Dinner and Discussions

Thursday, 6 October

8.10 Bus from Your Hotel to Universum 

08.30: Research Data, Computing, Expertise – Integrated Support for Digitalized Research
Keynote presentation by Sverker Holmgren, Director of Chalmers e-Infrastructure Commons, Chalmers University of Technology

9.10: SeSE – Swedish e-Science Education – Graduate School 
Jolla Kullgren, Researcher at Department of Chemistry, Uppsala University

9.20: CutFEM: Basic Ideas and Recent Developments 
Mats G Larson, Professor at Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Umeå University

9.40 Coffee Break

10.10 HASTE Toolkit: An End-to-End Data Pipeline from Collection to Efficient Management using Storage Hierarchies
Salman Toor, Associate Professor in Scientific Computing, Uppsala University

10.30 Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using a Pocket-Sized Ultrasound Device and Deep Learning
Jennie Karlsson, Doctoral student, Mathematics, Lund University

10.50 Panel Discussion: The Future of e-Science 
Moderator: Magnus Ullner, Lund University
Kersti Hermansson, Uppsala University
Sverker Holmgren, Chalmers University of Technology
Paul Townend,
Umeå University
Andreas Hellander, Uppsala University
Johan Trygg, Umeå University and Corporate Research, Sartorius

11.40 Closing Words 
Andreas Hellander, eSSENCE Programme Director

11.50 Farewell and Thank You!
Lunch at Tonka Restaurant
(or packed lunch for you who have an early flight)

Practical Information
Hotel, bus, lunch and dinner arrangements during the Swedish e-Science Academy can be found here.