Mission Statement

General facts about eSSENCE

eSSENCE is an e-Science collaboration formed by the universities in Uppsala, Lund and Umeå.

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The eSSENCE consortium is part of a long-term Government effort on Strategic Research Areas (Strategiska forskningsområden, SFO in Swedish) initiated in the research bill from 2008, most lately described in the bill from 2016 (Knowledge in collaboration – for society’s challenges and strengthened competitiveness, Proposition 2016/17: 50).


eSSENCE provides an internationally top-level research environment in that it integrates e-Science research in all areas of science, as well as in education and in collaboration with society.


The eSSENCE research
  • increases the quality and progress of digital research by providing new and more efficient models, methods, algorithms and software in computational and data-intensive application areas,
  • launches new and more effective methods for utilizing e-Infrastructure,
  • creates a national hub for collaboration between partner universities, between different research areas and disciplines, and between society, business and academia, and
  • strengthens the e-Science aspects in education at different levels.