Grid Middleware – Development and Support

Grid Middleware: Development and Support

Grid technology is one of the means enabling e-Science, helping researchers to analyse the data in the most efficient manner. Lund physicists were among the first to not only adopt the Grid ways, but also to propose an innovative Grid solution, which became known as the ARC Grid middleware, jointly developed by the international NorduGrid collaboration. The SWEGRID infrastructure is based on the ARC middleware and offers its resources via Grid to a great variety of scientific projects in Sweden and worldwide.

The eSSENCE Grid development team in Lund pursues several goals. One important objective is to work on improved interoperability between ARC and other Grid solutions based on international standards. Another goal is to contribute to the overall ARC development and technical coordination. An important part of the activities is providing user support, as well as technical documentation, manuals and tutorials. Outreach and dissemination is assisted by the NorduGrid Web server, which is supported by the Lund team.

ARC is Open Source software, and methods used by the developers are those commonly used by the Open Source communities worldwide. The code is freely available from the NorduGrid repository, and releases are distributed through various software repositories, including Linux distributions (EPEL and Debian). ARC is now a part of the European Middleware Initiative, and as such is distributed with the Unified Middleware Distribution of the European Grid Infrastructure. Development, documentation, testing and certification methods follow the policies of these major European projects. The work is done in close cooperation with the Uppsala University group, also a part of eSSENCE.

Research group

PI: Dr. Oxana Smirnova
Department of Physics, Lund University
Dr. Balázs Kónya
Department of Physics, Lund University
Dr. Ulf Mjörnmark
Department of Physics, Lund University
Florido Paganelli
Department of Physics, Lund University

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