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Multiscale modelling of materials and molecules 2018

11 June, 2018 - 13 June, 2018

 2018 eSSENCE meeting on Multiscale modelling of materials and molecules

You are most welcome to register for the 2018 eSSENCE meeting at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, 11-13 June (lunch-to-lunch), https://sites.google.com/site/emultiscale2018/.

A special sub-theme of this year’s meeting will be: Materials and molecular modelling in the 21st century: Physics-based or data-driven? Researchers in computational chemistry, physics, biology and engineering traditionally use physics-based models. However, currently there is much excitement about big data and machine learning in materials and molecular modelling, and about the opportunities that these approaches may bring. But are there scientific risks and shortcomings coming with it? Is this development in fact driving us towards “… numbers, not insights“, i.e. away from Professor Charles Coulson’s (Oxford) famous wish for “… insights, not numbers” ?! Can we come to an understanding in the community about how physics-based insight and data-driven analysis may complement each other?

Together with local and international experts from the NOMAD (European Center of Excellence; www.nomad-coe.eu) and AiiDA (www.aiida.net) initiatives and the Virtual Fab multiscale-platform (South Korea; vfab.org) all participants are welcome to contribute to enlightening these multi-facetted questions through presentations and discussions.

Registration is open! Abstracts on the general theme of multiscale modelling (we use the term in a broad sense) and on the data-driven vs. physics models theme are equally welcome.

Very welcome to come and participate and discuss modelling!
Kersti Hermansson, Peter Broqvist and the organizing team


11 June, 2018
13 June, 2018
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Uppsala, Sweden


Kersti Hermansson