eSSENCE Academy Workshop 2013, October 16-17, Lund

The eSSENCE Management has the pleasure of inviting all of the eSSENCE community to the 2nd eSSENCE Academy Workshop. The strategic research programme is in its fourth year of developing state-of-the-art e-Science for the benefit of society in a collaborative effort between our three universities. Now we will have the opportunity to meet and acquaint ourselves with the exciting research that is happening within eSSENCE.

There will be no attendance fees for these event. Programme, how to register, and more information will follow after Summer.

Enjoy the bright long days and return refreshed in Fall.

“En vänlig grönskas rika dräkt
har smyckat dal och ängar.
Nu smeker vindens ljumma fläkt
de fagra örtesängar.”

Best regards for a pleasant Summer,

Ingela Nyström
Coordinator of eSSENCE