eSSENCE Academy- Sigtuna 2012


Date: October 16-17, 2012
Place: Sigtunahöjden Hotell & Konferens, Sigtuna



Slides from the talks

October 16
eSSENCE Academy Welcome!
Ingela Nyström, Coordinator of eSSENCE, UU
Computationally intensive problems in systems biology
Johan Elf, Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology, UU
Algorithm and Library Software Design – The Challenge for Tera, Peta and Future Exascale Computing
Bo Kågström, Dept. of Computing Science and HPC2N, UmU
An eScience Perspective on Integration of Demographic and Geographic Data
Lars Harrie, Centre for Economic Demography / Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, LU
Scientific Big Data Management Research
Tore Risch, Dept. of Information Technology, UU
Global Data Integration in Plant Biology
Johan Trygg, Computational Life Science Cluster (CLiC), Dept. of Chemistry, UmU
4D Image Processing for Mechanics Studies
Stephen Hall, Solid Mechanics, LU
Virtual Infrastructures for eScience
P-O Östberg, Dept. of Computing Science, UmU
Poster Session
October 17
PostDoc Project Letter-of-Interest 2012

  • LU PostDoc: “High resolution atmospheric inversions based on e-Science research”
    Marko Scholze, Dept. of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, LU
  • UmU PostDoc: “Loss of biodiversity through speciation in reverse”
    Richard Svanbäck, Dept. of Ecology and Genetics; Limnology, UU
  • UU PostDoc: “Computational Financial Statistics”
    Lina von Sydow, Dept. of Information Technology, UU
In silico Materials Design – Dream or Reality?
Kersti Hermansson, Dept. of Chemistry – Ångström Laboratory, UU
Classification Tool for Bird Singing
Maria Sandsten, Mathematical Statistics, LU
eScience@Scientific Computing – UU
Sverker Holmgren, Dept. of Information Technology, UU
eSSENCE Report 2012
Carmen Medina, Research Secretary, UU
Panel Discussion on the Future of Swedish e-ScienceModerator: Ingemar Kaj, Chair of the eSSENCE Programme Council, UU
Panel: Erik Elmroth, Coordinator of eSSENCE@UmU
Panel:Sverker Holmgren, Program Director at NordForsk
Panel:Jacko Koster, Director of SNIC
Panel:Magnus Ullner, Coordinator of eSSENCE@LU
Closing Words
Ingela Nyström, Coordinator of eSSENCE, UU