eSSENCE Academy – Lund 2013


Date: October 16-17, 2013
Place: Palaestra et Odeum, Sandgatan 1, Lund



Slides from the talks

October 16
eSSENCE Academy Welcome!
Ingela Nyström, Coordinator of eSSENCE, UU
Anchor-free Node Position Calibration using Distance or Relative Distance Measurements
Karl Åström, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, LU
Antenna Design using Conductive Material Distribution Optimization
Martin Berggren, Dept. of Computing Science, UmU
e-Science Applied to Materials
Olle Eriksson, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy; Materials Theory,  UU
The Need for e-Science to Develop Lund University Bioimaging Center, a part of Swedish Bioimaging
Freddy Ståhlberg, Dept. of Medical Radiation Physics, LU
Improving on Perfect Parallelism
Lars Karlsson, Dept. of Computing Science, UmU
Computational Challenges for Document Translation
Sara Stymne, Dept. of Linguistics and Philology, UU
Accepted for presentations at IEEE e-Science 2013, Beijing, October 23-25

  • “Applications of Decentralized Prioritization” P-O Östberg, Dept. of Computing Science, UmU
  • Scientific Analysis by Queries in Extended SPARQL over a Scalable e-Science Data Store” Andrej Andrejev, Dept. of Information Technology, UU
Poster Session
October 17
Underlying mechanisms behind adhesion of fermented milk to packaging surfaces
Marie Skepö, Theoretical Chemistry, LU
Data Integration of Global Profiling of Data in Systems Biology
Johan Trygg, Computational life science cluster (CLiC), Dept. of Chemistry, UmU
Introducing Uppsala Center for Computational Chemistry – UC3
Michael Stenrup, Dept. of Chemistry – Ångström, UU
ICOS – Carbon Portal: The Central Data Portal for a Europe-wide Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Network
Marko Scholze, Dept. of Physical Geography and Ecosystems Science, LU
Nordic initiatives on e-Science
Sverker Holmgren, Program Director at NordForsk
The eSSENCE Report 2013eSSENCE Report 2013 and SFO Evaluation 2014
Carmen Medina, Research Secretary, UU
Panel Discussion “Big Data and e-Science”
Tore Risch, Dept. of Information Technology, UU
Balázs Kónya, Particle Physics. LU
Closing Words
Ingela Nyström, Coordinator of eSSENCE, UU

Welcome to eSSENCE Academy 2014 in Umeå
Bo Kågström, Dept. of Computing Science & HPC2N, UmU