Call for graduate course in Machine Learning or/and Artificial Intelligence

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Call for graduate course in Machine Learning or/and Artificial Intelligence

SeSE is a Swedish initiative for PhD level education in the field of e-Science. SeSE was founded and is supported by the Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC) and the Swedish e-Science Collaboration (eSSENCE). SeSE offers education in the form of academic courses for PhD students in fields where the use of e-Science is emerging and also e-Science education for students in fields which are already computing-intensive.

The graduate school has identified large interest in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and is calling for developing, or offering an already existing, advanced level course in format of the school in the Autumn term of 2019 or in the following year of 2020.  

Course format

  • The course material should correspond, but is not strictly limited, to an equivalent of 3 hp (högskolepoäng) at University PhD level.
  • Typical format of a course at the graduate school consists of
    • one week of preparatory work e.g., literature studies, carried out at the university where the student is enrolled (home university)
    • one week on campus with lectures and exercises (where the course is offered)
    • one week of work after the course is completed, typically project work and examination

For more details on the activities organized by the graduate school, mission and organization, please visit the SeSE web page at

You expression of interest application should contain a brief overview of the course topics, target audience, name and affiliation of the teacher(s) and a 2-page CV of the course responsible teacher.

You can submit your express your interest by emailing the SeSE coordination team before 30.09.2019. Please contact us if you need more information.

Contact information:

Pavlin Mitev, Director and administration

Arvind Kumar, Vice director and coordinator