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AuthorsTitleJournal / ConferenceYear
Hansbo Peter, Larson Mats G., Zahedi, SaraCharacteristic cut finite element methods for convection-diffusion problems on time dependent domains Computer methods in applied mechanical engineering, 293, 431-4612015
Hansbo Peter, Larson Mats G., Larsson FredrikTangential differential calculus and the finite element modeling ofa large deformation elastic membrane problemComputational mechanics, 56, 1, 87-952015
Johansson, A, Chaudry, J. H., Carey V., et alAdaptive finite element splution of multiscale PDE-ODE systemsComputer methods in applied mechanical engineeering, 287, 150-1712015
Cenanovic, M. Hansbo P., Larson M. G. Minimal surface computation using a finite element method on an embedded surfaceInternational journal of numerical methods in engineering, 104, 7, 502-5122015
Hansbo Peter, Larson Mats G.A posteriori error estimates for continuous/discontinuous approximations of the Kirchhoff-Love buckling problemComputational mechanics, 56, 5, 815-8272015
Massing Andre, Larson Mats G., Logg Anders, Rognes Marie A Nitsche-based cut finite element method for a fluid-structure interaction problemCommunications in applied methematics and computational science, 10, 2, 97-1202015
Burman Erik, Hansbo Peter, Larson Mats G. A stabilized cut finite element method for partial differential equations on surfaces: the Laplace-Beltrami operatorComputer methods in applied mechanical engineering, 285, 188-2072015
Burman Erik, Claus Susanne, Hansbo Peter, Larson Mats G., Massing Andre CutFEM: Discretizing geometry and partial differential equationsInternational journal of numerical methods in engineering, 104, 7, 472-5012015
Johansson August, Larson Mats G. Logg AndersHigh order cut finite element methods for the Stokes problemAdvanced modeling and simulation in engineering sciences, 2, 1, 423922015
Hansbo Peter, Larson Mats G. Zahedi SaraStabilized finite element approximation of the mean curvature vector on closed surfacesSIAM Journal of numerical analysis, 53, 4, 1806-18322015
Galindo-Prieto, Beatriz Eriksson, Lennart Trygg, Johan Variable influence on projection (VIP) for OPLS models and its applicability in multivariate time series analysisChemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 146, 297-304 2015
Zietsman, Anscha J. J. Moore, John P. Fangel, Jonatan U.; et al. Following the compositional changes of fresh grape skin cell walls during the fermentation process in the presence and absence of maceration enzymes Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 63(10), 2798-2810 2015
Souihi, Nabil Lindegren, Anders Eriksson, Lennart; et al. OPLS in batch monitoring - Opens up new opportunities Analytica Chimica Acta, 857, 28-38 2015
Moore, John P. Zhang, Song-Lei Nieuwoudt, Helene; et al. A Multivariate Approach Using Attenuated Total Reflectance Mid-infrared Spectroscopy To Measure the Surface Mannoproteins and beta-Glucans of Yeast Cell Walls during Wine Fermentations Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 63(45), 10054-10063 2015
Souihi, Nabil Nilsson, David Josefson, Mats; et al. Near-infrared chemical imaging (NIR-CI) on roll compacted ribbons and tablets - multivariate mapping of physical and chemical properties International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 483(1-2), 200-211 2015
Souihi, Nabil Reynolds, Gavin Tajarobi, Pirjo; et al. Roll compaction process modeling: transfer between equipment and impact of process parameters International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 484(1-2), 192-206 2015
Peolsson, A. Peolsson, Michael Jull, G.; et al. Preliminary evaluation of dorsal muscle activity during resisted cervical extension in patients with longstanding pain and disability following anterior cervical decompression and fusion surgery Physiotherapy, 101(1), 69-74 2015
Torell, Frida Bennett, Kate Cereghini, Silvia; et al. Multi-Organ Contribution to the Metabolic Plasma Profile Using Hierarchical Modelling PLoS ONE, 10(6)2015
Peterson, Gunnel Nilsson, David Trygg, Johan; et al. Novel insights into the interplay between ventral neck muscles in individuals with whiplash-associated disorders Scientific Reports, 52015
Peterson, Gunnel Dedering, Åsa Andersson, Erika; et al. Altered ventral neck muscle deformation for individuals with whiplash associated disorder compared to healthy controls: A case-control ultrasound study Manual Therapy, 20(2), 319-327 2015
Surowiec, Izabella Orikiiriza, Judy Karlsson, Elisabeth; et al. Metabolic signature profiling as a diagnostic and prognostic tool in paediatric Plasmodium falciparum malaria Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 2(2)2015
Metsch,T., Ibidunmoye,O., Bayon-Molino,V., Butler, J., Hernandez-Rodriguez, F., and Elmroth, E.Apex Lake: A Framework for Enabling Smart OrchestrationProceedings of the Industrial Track of the 16th International Middleware Conference, ACM, , Article No. 12015
Svärd, P., Li, W., Wadbro, E., Tordsson, J., and Elmroth, E.Continuous Datacenter ConsolidationThe 7th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom 2015)2015
Lakew, E.B., Klein, C., Hernandez-Rodriguez, F., and Elmroth, E.Performance-Based Service Differentiation in CloudsIn Proceedings of the 15th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing (CCGrid 2015), IEEE Computer Society, 505-5142015
Krzywda, J., Östberg, P-O., and Elmroth, E.Sensor-Actuator Model for Data Center OptimizationThe 2015 International Conference on Cloud and Autonomic Computing (ICCAC), IEEE Computer Society, 192-1952015
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