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AuthorsTitleJournal / ConferenceYear
Kocevski, V; Eriksson, O; Rusz, JSize dependence of the stability, electronic structure, and optical properties of silicon nanocrystals with various surface impuritiesPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 91, 1254022015
Luder, J; de Simone, M; Totani, R; Coreno, M; Grazioli, C; Sanyal, B; Eriksson, O; Brena, B; Puglia, CThe electronic characterization of biphenylene-Experimental and theoretical insights from core and valence level spectroscopyJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 142, 743052015
Yudin, D; Eriksson, O; Katsnelson, MIDynamics of quasiparticles in graphene under intense circularly polarized lightPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 91, 754192015
Brumboiu, IE; Ericsson, L; Hansson, R; Moons, E; Eriksson, O; Brena, BThe influence of oxygen adsorption on the NEXAFS and core-level XPS spectra of the C-60 derivative PCBMJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 142, 543062015
Chimata, R; Chico, J; Bergman, A; Berqvist, L; Sanyal, B; Eriksson, OLaser heated ferromagnetic simulationsULTRAFAST MAGNETISM I, 159, 782015
Pereiro, M; Etz, C; Bergqvist, L; Bergman, A; Eriksson, OEvanescent exchange magnons in a 1D magnonic crystalULTRAFAST MAGNETISM I, 159, 972015
Nystrand, T; Venemalm, J; Werpers, J; Eriksson, O; Chico, J; Bergman, ACoarse-Graining Approach to Atomistic SpinDynamicsULTRAFAST MAGNETISM I, 159, 1652015
Isaeva, L; Sundberg, J; Mukherjee, S; Pelliccione, CJ; Lindblad, A; Segre, CU; Jansson, U; Sarma, DD; Eriksson, O; Kadas, KAmorphous W-S-N thin films: The atomic structure behind ultra-low frictionACTA MATERIALIA, 82, 842015
Espling, D., Armstrong, D., Tordsson, J., Djemame, K., and Elmroth, E. Contextualization: Dynamic Configuration of Virtual MachinesJournal of Cloud Computing: Advances, Systems and Applications, 4, 17, 423842015
Svärd, P., Walsh, S., Hudzia, B., Tordsson, J., and Elmroth, E. Principles and Performance Characteristics of Algorithms for Live VM MigrationACM Operating Systems Review, 49, 1, 142-1552015
Ibidunmoye, O., Hernandez-Rodriguez, F., and Elmroth, E. Performance Anomaly Detection and Bottleneck Identification, ACM Computing Surveys, 48, 1, Article no. 42015
A. Dmytryshyn and B. KågströmCoupled Sylvester-type matrix equations and block diagonalizationSIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 36, 2, 580-5932015
A. Dmytryshyn, V. Futorny, B. Kågström, L. Klimenko, and V.V. SergeichukChange of the congruence canonical form of 2-by-2 and 3-by-3 matrices under perturbations and bundles of matrices under congruence.Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 469, 305–3342015
R. Granat, R., B. Kågström, D. Kressner, and M. ShaoALGORITHM 953: Parallel Library Software for the Multishift QR Algorithm with Aggressive Early DeflationACM Trans. On Mathematical Software, 41, 4, 29:1-29:222015
L. Karlsson, D. Kressner, D., and A. UschmajewParallel Algorithms for Tensor Completion in the CP FormatParallel Computing, , Accepted2015
L. Karlsson and F. TisseurAlgorithms for Hessenberg-Triangular Reduction of Fiedler Linearization of Matrix PolynomialsSIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 37, 3, C384-C4142015
E Nonaka, R Svanbäck, X Thibert-Plante, G Englund, Å BrännströmMechanisms by which phenotypic plasticity affects adaptive divergence and ecological speciationThe American Naturalist, 186, 5, E1262015
Lai Zhang, Ken H Andersen, Ulf Dieckmann, Åke BrännströmFour types of interference competition and their impacts on the ecology and evolution of size-structured populations and communitiesJournal of Theoretical Biology280-290, 3802015
Z Cao, S Zhang, X Ji, L ZhangSecure random linear network coding on a wiretap networkAEU - International Journal of Electronics and Communications, 69, 1, 467-4722015
M Banerjee, L ZhangTime delay can enhance spatio-temporal chaos in a prey–predator modelEcological Complexity, (e-publication)2015
L Zhang, M Pedersen, Z LinStability patterns for a size-structured population model and its stage-structured counterpartMathematical Biosciences, 267, 109-1232015
Falgas-Ravry, VictorSperner’s problem for G-independent familiesCombinatorics, probability and Computing, 24, 3, 528-5502015
E. L. Yedeg, E. Wadbro, and M. BerggrenInterior layout topology optimization of a reactive muffler Struct. Multidiscip. Optim., accepted, available online2015
F. Kasolis, E. Wadbro, and M. BerggrenAnalysis of fictitious domain approximations of hard scatterers.SIAM J. Numerical Anal., 53, 5, 2347–23622015
E. Hassan, D. Noreland, R. Augustine, E. Wadbro, and M. BerggrenTopology optimization of planar antennas for wideband near-field coupling IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagation, 63, 9, 4208–42132015
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