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AuthorsTitleJournal / ConferenceYear
R. Granat and B. KågströmAlgorithm 904: The SCASY library – parallel solvers for Sylvester-type matrix equations with applications in condition estimation, part IIACM Transactions on. Mathematical Software,37,3,Article 33, 1-42010
S. Gusev, S. Johansson, B. Kågström, A. Shiriaev, and A. VargaA Numerical Evaluation of Solvers for the Periodic Riccati Differential EquationBIT Numerical Mathematics,50,2,301-3292010
F. Gustavson, J. Wasniewski, J.J. Dongarra, J. LangouRectangular Full Packed Format for Cholesky’s Algorithm: Factorization, Solution, and InversionACM Transactions on. Mathematical Software,37,2,Article 18: 1-212010
M. Servin, C. Lacoursière, F. Nordfelth, and K. BodinHybrid, multiresolution wires with massles frictional contactsIEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics,Accepted, l ,,Electr. Vers. Available2010
K. Bodin, C. Lacoursière, M. ServinConstraint fluidsIEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics,Accepted,,Electr. Vers. Available2010
E. Elmroth F. Hernández, and J. Tordsson.Three Fundamental Dimensions of Scientific Workflow Interoperability: Model of Computation, Language, and Execution EnvironmentFuture Generation Computer Systems,26,2,245-2562010
E. Elmroth and D. HenrikssonDistributed Usage Logging for Federated GridsFuture Generation Computer Systems,26,8,1215 - 12252010
A.J. Ferrer, F. Hernández, J. Tordsson, E. Elmroth, C. Zsigri, R. Sirvent, J. Guitart, R.M. Badia, K. Djemame, W. Ziegler, T. Dimitrakos, S.K. Nair, G. Kousiouris, K. Konstanteli, T. Varvarigou, B. Hudzia, A. Kipp, S. Wesner, M. Corrales, N. Forgó, T. Sharif, and C. SheridanOPTIMIS: a Holistic Approach to Cloud Service ProvisioningFuture Generation Computer Systems,Accepted,,2010
E. Zeitler and T.RischScalable Splitting of Massive Data StreamsProc. 15th Conf. on Database Systems for Advanced Application, DASFAA 20102010
ATLAS Collaboration (Elias Coniavitis for the collaboration)Search for the Higgs boson at the ATLAS experiment18th International Workshop On Deep Inelastic Scattering And Related Subjects (DIS 2010)2010
Jarodzka, Halszka; Holmqvist, Kenneth; Nyström, MarcusA Vector-based, Multidimensional Scanpath Similarity MeasureEye Tracking Research & Applications2010
Strandmark, Petter; Kahl, FredrikParallel and Distributed Graph Cuts by Dual DecompositionIEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)2010
Jadoon, Asim; Revstedt, JohanLarge Eddy siulation of particle laden jet flow with aerodynamic three way coupling2010
Linderoth, Magnus; Robertsson, Anders; Åström, Karl; Johansson, RolfObject Tracking with Measurements from Single or Multiple CamerasInternational Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2010)2010
Mao, Bo; Harrie, Lars; Ban, YifangA Dynamic Typification Method of 3D City Buildings Using Minimum Spanning TreeSixth international conference on Geographic Information Science2010
A. Mauracher, D. Spångberg, K.. HermanssonAdvanced modelling of He droplets2010
K. Hermansson, C. Müller, D.RaymandModelling Molecular Physisorption and Chemisorption on Metal Oxides2010
Gustafsson, Magnus; Holmgren, SverkerAn implementation framework for solving high-dimensional PDEs on massively parallel computers2010
Gustafsson, Magnus; Kormann, Katharina; Holmgren, SverkerCommunication-efficient Krylov methods for exponential integration in quantum dynamics2010
Holm, Marcus; Holmgren, Sverker; Khan, MalekImplementing Monte Carlo electrostatics simulations on heterogeneous multicore architectures2010
Jayawardena, Mahen; et al.A Grid-Enabled Problem Solving Environment for QTL Analysis in R2010
Kormann, Katharina; Nissen, AnnaError control for simulations of a dissociative quantum system2010
Ljungkvist, Karl; et al.Early results using hardware transactional memory for high-performance computing applications2010
Nilsen, Jon K.; et al.Chelonia — a self-healing storage cloud2010
Tillenius, Martin; Larsson, ElisabethAn efficient task-based approach for solving the n-body problem on multicore architectures2010
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