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AuthorsTitleJournal / ConferenceYear
Victor Shcherbakov.Radial basis function partition of unity operator splitting method for pricing multi-asset American optionsBIT Numerical Mathematics,, vol. 56, p. 1401-14232016
Stefan Engblom and Dimitar Lukarski.Fast Matlab compatible sparse assembly on multicore computersParallel Computing,, vol. 56, p. 1-172016
Emil Kieri, Christian Lubich, and Hanna Walach.Discretized dynamical low-rank approximation in the presence of small singular valuesSIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis,, vol. 54, p. 1020-10382016
Doghonay Arjmand and Olof Runborg.A time dependent approach for removing the cell boundary error in elliptic homogenization problemsJournal of Computational Physics,, vol. 314, p. 206-2272016
Mikhail Poluektov, Johannes A. W. van Dommelen, Leon E. Govaert, Duncan H. MacKerron, and Marc G. D. Geers.Micromechanical modeling of roll-to-roll processing of oriented polyethylene terephthalate filmsJournal of Applied Polymer Science,, vol. 133, p. 43384:1-112016
Lina Meinecke, Stefan Engblom, Andreas Hellander, and Per Lötstedt.Analysis and design of jump coefficients in discrete stochastic diffusion modelsSIAM Journal on Scientific Computing,, vol. 38, p. A55-A832016
Thomas Joffre, Per Isaksson, Pierre J. J. Dumont, Sabine Rolland du Roscoat, Simon Sticko, Laurent Orgéas, and E. Kristofer Gamstedt.A method to measure moisture induced swelling properties of a single wood cellExperimental mechanics, vol. 56, p. 723-7332016
Josefin Ahlkrona, Per Lötstedt, Nina Kirchner, and Thomas Zwinger.Dynamically coupling the non-linear Stokes equations with the shallow ice approximation in glaciology: Description and first applications of the ISCAL methodJournal of Computational Physics,, vol. 308, p. 1-192016
Victor Shcherbakov and Elisabeth Larsson.Radial basis function partition of unity methods for pricing vanilla basket optionsComputers and Mathematics with Applications,, vol. 71, p. 185-2002016
Jonathan R. Bull and Antony Jameson.Explicit filtering and exact reconstruction of the sub-filter stresses in large eddy simulationJournal of Computational Physics, vol. 306, p. 117-1362016
Alfa Heryudono, Elisabeth Larsson, Alison Ramage, and Lina von Sydow.Preconditioning for radial basis function partition of unity methodsJournal of Scientific Computing,, vol. 67, p. 1089-11092016
Rohit Gupta, Dimitar Lukarski, Martin B. van Gijzen, and Cornelis Vuik.Evaluation of the deflated preconditioned CG method to solve bubbly and porous media flow problems on GPU and CPUInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids,, vol. 80, p. 666-6832016
Philipp Birken, Jonathan Bull, and Antony JamesonA study of multigrid smoothers used in compressible CFD based on the convection diffusion equation.ECCOMAS Congress, European Community on Computional Methods in Applied Sciences, vol. , p. 2016
Jonathan Bull, Stefan Engblom, and Sverker HolmgrenA direct solver for the advection–diffusion equation using Green's functions and low-rank approximationECCOMAS Congress, European Community on Computional Methods in Applied Sciences, vol. , p. 2016
Saleh Rezaeiravesh, Mattias Liefvendahl, and Christer FurebyOn grid resolution requirements for LES of wall-bounded flowsECCOMAS Congress, European Community on Computional Methods in Applied Sciences, vol. , p. 2016
Lampa S, Alvarsson J, Spjuth O Towards agile large-scale predictive modelling in drug discovery with flow-based programming design principles Journal of Cheminformatics, vol. 8, p. 672016
Spjuth O, Rydberg P, Willighagen EL, Evelo CT, Jeliazkova N XMetDB: an open access database for xenobiotic metabolism Journal of Cheminformatics, vol. 8, p. 472016
Alvarsson J, Lampa S, Schaal W, Andersson C, Wikberg JES, Spjuth O Large-scale ligand-based predictive modelling using support vector machines Journal of Cheminformatics, vol. 8, p. 392016
Spjuth O, Bongcam-Rudloff E, Dahlberg J, Dahlö M, Kallio A, Pireddu L, Vezzi F, Korpelainen E Recommendations on e-infrastructures for next-generation sequencing GigaScience, vol. 5, p. 1--92016
Simeon S, Spjuth O, Lapins M, Nabu S, Anuwongcharoen N, Prachayasittikul V, Wikberg JES, Nantasenamat C Origin of aromatase inhibitory activity via proteochemometric modeling PeerJ, vol. 4, p. e19792016
Spjuth O, Krestyaninova M, Hastings J, Shen H-Y, Heikkinen J, Waldenberger M, Langhammer A, Ladenvall C, Esko T, Persson M-Å, Heggland J, Dietrich J, Ose S, Gieger C, Ried JS, Peters A, Fortier I, de Geus EJC, Klovins J, Zaharenko L, Willemsen G, Hottenga J-J, Litton J-E, Karvanen J, Boomsma DI, Groop L, Rung J, Palmgren J, Pedersen NL, McCarthy MI, van Duijn CM, Hveem K, Metspalu A, Ripatti S, Prokopenko I, Harris JR Harmonising and linking biomedical and clinical data across disparate data archives to enable integrative cross-biobank research Eur J Hum Genet., vol. 24, p. 521--5282016
Miguel Ballesteros and Joakim NivreMaltOptimizer: Fast and effective parser optimizationNatural Language Engineering, vol. 22, p. 187-2132016
Ali Basirat, Hehsaam Faili, and Joakim NivreA statistical model for grammar mappingNatural Language Engineering, vol. 23, p. 215-2552016
Christian Hardmeier and Liane GuillouA Graphical Pronoun Analysis Tool for the PROTEST Pronoun Evaluation Test SuiteBaltic Journal of Modern Computing, vol. 4, p. 318-3302016
Aaron Smith, Christian Hardmeier and Jörg TiedemannClimbing Mount BLEU: The Strange World of Reachable High-BLEU TranslationsBaltic Journal of Modern Computing, vol. 4, p. 269-2802016
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