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AuthorsTitleJournal / ConferenceYear
R.C. Pinto, L. Gerber, M. Eliasson, B. Sundberg, and J. TryggStrategy for minimizing between-study variation of large-scale phenotypic experiments using multivariate analysisAnalytical Chemistry, 84, 20, 8675-86812012
G.M. Kirwan, E. Johansson, R. Kleemann, E.R. Verheij, A.M. Wheelock, S. Goto, J. Trygg, and C.E. WheelockBuilding Multivariate Systems Biology ModelsAnalytical Chemistry, 84, , 7064-70712012
M. Eliasson S. Rännar, R. Madsen, M.A. Donten, E. Marsden-Edwards, T. Moritz, J.P. Shockhor, E. Johansson, and J. TryggStrategy for Optimizing LC-MS Data Processing in Metabolomics: A Design of Experiments ApproachAnalytical Chemistry, 84, , 6869-68762012
Vicente-Serrano, Sergio M., Begueria, Santiago, Gimeno, Luis, Eklundh, Lars, Giuliani, Gregory, Weston, Derek, El Kenawy, Ahmed, Lopez-Moreno, Juan I., Nieto, Raquel, Ayenew, Tenalem, Konte, Diawoye, Ardö, Jonas, Pegram, Geoffrey G. S.Challenges for drought mitigation in Africa: The potential use of geospatial data and drought information systemsApplied Geography, 34, , 4862012
Shuanglin Hu, R. Ahuja, C. G. Granqvist, K. Hermansson et al.Optical properties of Mg-doped VO: Absorption measurements and hybrid functional calculationsApplied Physics Letters, 101, , 2019022012
Sun, Zhigang, Gebremichael, Mekonnen, Ardö, Jonas, Nickless, Alecia, Caquet, Blandine, Merboldh, Lutz, Kutschi, WernerEstimation of daily evapotranspiration over Africa using MODIS/Terra and SEVIRI/MSG dataAtmospheric Research, 112, , 442012
Dewhurst, Richard, Nyström, Marcus, Jarodzka, Halszka, Foulsham, Tom, Johansson, Roger, Holmqvist, KennethIt depends on how you look at it: Scanpath comparison in multiple dimensions with MultiMatch, a vector-based approachBehaviour Research Methods, 44, 4, 1079-11002012
Nyström, Marcus, Andersson, Richard, Holmqvist, Kenneth, van de Weijer, JoostThe influence of calibration method and eye physiology on eyetracking data qualityBehaviour Research Methods, Online publ,, 2012
Oliver, Georgina, Gullberg, Marianne, Hellwig, Frauke, Mitterer, Holger, Indefrey, PeterAcquiring L2 sentence comprehension: A longitudinal study of word monitoring in noiseBilingualism: Language and Cognition, 15, 4, 8572012
David Fange, Anel Mahmutovic and Johan ElfMesoRD 1.0Bioinformatics, 28, 23, 3155-31572012
David van der Spoel, Paul J. van Maaren and Carl CalemanGROMACS Molecule & Liquid DatabaseBioinformatics, 28, , 752-7532012
Carl NettelbladInferring haplotypes and parental genotypes in larger full sib-ships and other pedigrees with missing or erroneous genotype dataBMC Genetics, 13, 2012
Brian Drawert, Stefan Engblom, and Andreas HellanderURDME: a modular framework for stochastic simulation of reaction-transport processes in com plex geometriesBMC Systems Biology, 6, , 76:1-172012
Flores, S., Bernauer, J., Shin, S., Zhou, R. & Huang, X.Multiscale modeling of macromolecular biosystemsBriefings in Bioinformatics, 13, 4, 395-4052012
M. Bodin, Å. Brännström, and U. DieckmannA systematic overview of harvesting-induced maturation evolution in predator–prey systems with three different life-history tradeoffsBulletin of Mathematical Biology, 74, 12, 2842-28602012
Toomanian, Ara, Harrie, Lars, Olsson, Per-OlaAutomatic Symbolisation Methods for GeoportalsCartographic Journal, 49, 2, 1632012
Rogers, K.E., Keränen, H., Durrant, J.D., Ratnam, J., Doak, A., Arkin, M.R. & McCammon, J.A.Novel Cruzain Inhibitors for the Treatment of Chagas’ DiseaseChem. Biol. Drug Design, 80, , 398-4052012
Carl Caleman, Paul J. van Maaren, Minyan Hong, Jochen S. Hub, Luciano T. Costa, David van der SpoelForce Field Benchmark of Organic Liquids: Density, Enthalpy of Vaporization, Heat Capacities, Surface Tension, Compressibility, Expansion Coefficient and Dielectric ConstantChem. Theor. Comput., 8, , 61+742012
Håkansson, Andreas, Fuchs, Laszlo, Revstedt, Johan, Trägårdh, Christian, Bergenståhl, Björn, Innings, FredrikExperimental validation of k–? RANS-CFD on a high-pressure homogenizer valveChemical Engineering Science, 71, , 2732012
Håkansson, Andreas, Innings, Fredrik, Revstedt, Johan, Trägårdh, Christian, Bergenståhl, BjörnEstimation of turbulent fragmenting forces in a high-pressure homogenizer from computational fluid dynamicsChemical Engineering Science, 75, , 3172012
Probst, Michael Injan, Natcha Megyes, Tuende et al.A gold cyano complex in nitromethane: MD simulation and X-ray diffractionChemical Physics Letters, 539, , 24-292012
Shaw, J.J., Trobro, S., He, S., Åqvist, J. & Green R. A Role for the 2’ OH of Peptidyl-tRNA Substrate in Peptide Release on the Ribosome Revealed through RF-Mediated RescueChemistry & Biology, 19, , 883-8932012
Joelsson, Tobias, Yu, Rixin, Bai, Xue-SongLarge Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Combustion in a Spark-Assisted Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition EngineCombustion Science and Technology, 184, , 10652012
Jangi Mehdi, Yu Rixin, Bai Xue-SongA multi-zone chemistry mapping approach for direct numerical simulation of auto-ignition and flame propagation in a constant volume enclosureCombustion Theory and Modeling, 16, 2, 2492012
Jangi, Mehdi, Bai, Xue-SongMultidimensional chemistry coordinate mapping approach for combustion modelling with finite-rate chemistryCombustion Theory and Modelling, 16, 6, 11322012
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