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AuthorsTitleJournal / ConferenceYear
Anik Sen, Pavlin D. Mitev, Anders Eriksson, and Kersti HermanssonH-bond and electric field correlations for water in highly hydrated crystalsInternational Journal of Quantum Chemistry, vol. 116, p. 67-802016
M. J. Wolf, J. Kullgren and K. HermanssonComment on Clustering of Oxygen Vacancies at CeO2(111): Critical Role of Hydroxyls"Physical Review Letters, vol. 117, p. 2796012016
M. Gyoeroek A. Kaiser, I. Sukuba, J.Urban, K. Hermansson, and M. ProbstSurface binding energies of beryllium/tungsten alloysJournal of Nuclear Materials, vol. 472, p. 76-812016
Joakim Gradin (for the ATLAS collaboration)The design of a fast Level-1 track trigger for the High Luminosity Upgrade of ATLAS4th Large Hadron Collider Physics Conference (LHCP 2016), vol. , p. 2016
C.Xu, E.Källström, T.Risch, John Lindström, L.Håkansson, and J.LarssonScalable Validation of Industrial Equipment using a Functional DSMSJournal of Intelligent Information Systems, vol. , p. 2016
S.Stefanova and T.RischScalable Long-term Preservation of Relational Data through SPARQL queriesSemantic Web Journal, vol. 7, p. 117-1372016
S.Badiozamany, K.Orsborn, and T.RischFramework for real-time clustering over sliding windows28th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management (SSDBM 2016), vol. , p. 2016
John H. Abel, Brian Drawert, Andreas Hellander, and Linda R. Petzold.GillesPy: A Python package for stochastic model building and simulationIEEE Life Sciences Letters,, vol. 2, p. 35-382016
Brian Drawert, Andreas Hellander, Ben Bales, Debjani Banerjee, Giovanni Bellesia, Bernie J. Daigle Jr., Geoffrey Douglas, Mengyuan Gu, Anand Gupta, Stefan Hellander, Chris Horuk, Dibyendu Nath, Aviral Takkar, Sheng Wu, Per Lötstedt, Chandra Krintz, and Linda R. Petzold.Stochastic Simulation Service: Bridging the gap between the computational expert and the biologistPloS Computational Biology,, vol. 12, p. -2016
Anastasia Kruchinina, Elias Rudberg, and Emanuel H. Rubensson.Parameterless stopping criteria for recursive density matrix expansionsJournal of Chemical Theory and Computation,, vol. 12, p. 5788-58022016
Philipp Birken, Jonathan Bull, and Antony Jameson.A note on terminology in multigrid methodsProceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics: PAMM,, vol. 16, p. 721-7222016
Mikhail Poluektov, Olle Eriksson, and Gunilla Kreiss.Scale transitions in magnetisation dynamicsCommunications in Computational Physics,, vol. 20, p. 969-9882016
Markus Kowalewski, Elisabeth Larsson, and Alfa Heryudono.An adaptive interpolation scheme for molecular potential energy surfacesJournal of Chemical Physics,, vol. 145, p. 084104:1-102016
Stefan Widgren, Stefan Engblom, Pavol Bauer, Jenny Frössling, Ulf Emanuelson, and Ann Lindberg.Data-driven network modelling of disease transmission using complete population movement data: spread of VTEC O157 in Swedish cattleVeterinary research (Print),, vol. 47, p. 81:1-172016
Marketa Kaucka, Evgeny Ivashkin, Daniel Gyllborg, Tomas Zikmund, Marketa Tesarova, Jozef Kaiser, Meng Xie, Julian Petersen, Vassilis Pachnis, Silvia K. Nicolis, Tian Yu, Paul Sharpe, Ernest Arenas, Hjalmar Brismar, Hans Blom, Hans Clevers, Ueli Suter, Andrei S. Chagin, Kaj Fried, Andreas Hellander, and Igor Adameyko.Analysis of neural crest-derived clones reveals novel aspects of facial developmentScience Advances,, vol. 2, p. e1600060:1-162016
Anna Munke, Jakob Andreasson, Andrew Aquila, Salah Awel, Kartik Ayyer, Anton Barty, Richard J. Bean, Peter Berntsen, Johan Bielecki, Sébastien Boutet, Maximilian Bucher, Henry N. Chapman, Benedikt J. Daurer, Hasan DeMirci, Veit Elser, Petra Fromme, Janos Hajdu, Max F. Hantke, Akifumi Higashiura, Brenda G. Hogue, Ahmad Hosseinizadeh, Yoonhee Kim, Richard A. Kirian, Hemanth K. N. Reddy, Ti-Yen Lan, Daniel S. D. Larsson, Haiguang Liu, N. Duane Loh, Filipe R. N. C. Maia, Adrian P. Mancuso, Kerstin Mühlig, Atsushi Nakagawa, Daewoong Nam, Garrett Nelson, Carl Nettelblad, Kenta Okamoto, Abbas Ourmazd, Max Rose, Gijs van der Schot, Peter Schwander, M. Marvin Seibert, Jonas A. Sellberg, Raymond G. Sierra, Changyong Song, Martin Svenda, Nicusor Timneanu, Ivan A. Vartanyants, Daniel Westphal, Max O. Wiedorn, Garth J. Williams, Lourdu Xavier Paulraj, Chun Hong Yoon, and James Zook.Coherent diffraction of single Rice Dwarf virus particles using hard X-rays at the Linac Coherent Light SourceScientific Data,, vol. 3, p. 160064:1-122016
Bernd Brumm and Emil Kieri.A matrix-free Legendre spectral method for initial–boundary value problemsElectronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis,, vol. 45, p. 283-3042016
Emanuel H. Rubensson and Elias Rudberg.Locality-aware parallel block-sparse matrix–matrix multiplication using the Chunks and Tasks programming modelParallel Computing,, vol. 57, p. 87-1062016
Simon Sticko and Gunilla Kreiss.A stabilized Nitsche cut element method for the wave equationComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering,, vol. 309, p. 364-3872016
Anders M. N. Niklasson, Susan M. Mniszewski, Christian F. A. Negre, Marc J. Cawkwell, Pieter J. Swart, Jamal Mohd-Yusof, Timothy C. Germann, Michael E. Wall, Nicolas Bock, Emanuel H. Rubensson, and Hristo Djidjev.Graph-based linear scaling electronic structure theoryJournal of Chemical Physics,, vol. 144, p. 234101:1-82016
Lars Josef Höök and Erik Lindström.Efficient computation of the quasi likelihood function for discretely observed diffusion processesComputational Statistics & Data Analysis,, vol. 103, p. 426-4372016
Brian Drawert, Michael Trogdon, Salman Toor, Linda Petzold, and Andreas Hellander.MOLNs: A cloud platform for interactive, reproducible, and scalable spatial stochastic computational experiments in systems biology using PyURDMESIAM Journal on Scientific Computing,, vol. 38, p. C179-C2022016
Emilie Blanc, Stefan Engblom, Andreas Hellander, and Per Lötstedt.Mesoscopic modeling of stochastic reaction–diffusion kinetics in the subdiffusive regimeMultiscale Modeling & simulation,, vol. 14, p. 668-7072016
Benedikt J. Daurer, Max F. Hantke, Carl Nettelblad, and Filipe R. N. C. Maia.Hummingbird: monitoring and analyzing flash X-ray imaging experiments in real timeJournal of applied crystallography,, vol. 49, p. 1042-10472016
Pavol Bauer, Stefan Engblom, and Stefan Widgren.Fast event-based epidemiological simulations on national scalesThe international journal of high performance computing applications,, vol. 30, p. 438-4532016
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