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AuthorsTitleJournal / ConferenceYear
Leo, N; Bergman, A; Cano, A; Poudel, N; Lorenz, B; Fiebig, M; Meier, DPolarization control at spin-driven ferroelectric domain wallsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 6, 76612015
Durrenfeld, P; Gerhard, F; Chico, J; Dumas, RK; Ranjbar, M; Bergman, A; Bergqvist, L; Delin, A; Gould, C; Molenkamp, LW; Akerman, JTunable damping, saturation magnetization, and exchange stiffness of half-Heusler NiMnSb thin filmsPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 92, 2144242015
Delczeg-Czirjak, EK; Delczeg, L; Vitos, L; Eriksson, OMonovacancy formation energies and Fermi surface topological transitions in Pd-Ag alloysPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 92, 2241072015
Haldar, S; Vovusha, H; Yadav, MK; Eriksson, O; Sanyal, BSystematic study of structural, electronic, and optical properties of atomic-scale defects in the two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides MX2 (M = Mo, W; X = S, Se, Te)PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 92, 2354082015
Edstrom, A; Werwinski, M; Iusan, D; Rusz, J; Eriksson, O; Skokov, KP; Radulov, IA; Ener, S; Kuz'min, MD; Hong, J; Fries, M; Karpenkov, DY; Gutfleisch, O; Toson, P; Fidler, JMagnetic properties of (Fe1-xCox)(2)B alloys and the effect of doping by 5d elementsPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 92, 1744132015
Bidermane, I; Brumboiu, IE; Totani, R; Grazioli, C; Shariati-Nilsson, MN; Herper, HC; Eriksson, O; Sanyal, B; Ressel, B; de Simone, M; Lozzi, L; Brena, B; Puglia, CAtomic contributions to the valence band photoelectron spectra of metal-free, iron and manganese phthalocyaninesJOURNAL OF ELECTRON SPECTROSCOPY AND RELATED PHENOMENA, 205, 972015
Kvashnin, YO; Sun, W; Di Marco, I; Eriksson, OElectronic topological transition and noncollinear magnetism in compressed hcp CoPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 92, 1344222015
Kocevski, V; Eriksson, O; Gerard, C; Sarma, DD; Rusz, JInfluence of dimensionality and interface type on optical and electronic properties of CdS/ZnS core-shell nanocrystals-A first-principles studyJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 143, 1647012015
Keshavarz, S; Kvashnin, YO; Di Marco, I; Delin, A; Katsnelson, MI; Lichtenstein, AI; Eriksson, OLayer-resolved magnetic exchange interactions of surfaces of late 3d elements: Effects of electronic correlationsPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 92, 1651292015
Bondarenko, N; Eriksson, O; Skorodumova, NVPolaron mobility in oxygen-deficient and lithium-doped tungsten trioxidePHYSICAL REVIEW B, 92, 1651192015
Bhandary, S; Penazzi, G; Fransson, J; Frauenheim, T; Eriksson, O; Sanyal, BControlling Electronic Structure and Transport Properties of Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbons by Edge Functionalization with FluorineJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 119, 212332015
Chimata, R; Isaeva, L; Kadas, K; Bergman, A; Sanyal, B; Mentink, JH; Katsnelson, MI; Rasing, T; Kirilyuk, A; Kimel, A; Eriksson, O; Pereiro, MAll-thermal switching of amorphous Gd-Fe alloys: Analysis of structural properties and magnetization dynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 92, 944112015
Thonig, D; Henk, J; Eriksson, OGilbert-like damping caused by time retardation in atomistic magnetization dynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 92, 1044032015
Lindgren, R; Eriksson, O; Lyytinen, KManaging identity tensions during mobile ecosystem evolutionJOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, 30, 2442015
Debbichi, L; Eriksson, O; Lebegue, STwo-Dimensional Indium Selenides Compounds: An Ab Initio StudyJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, 6, 31032015
Peters, L; Di Marco, I; Litsarev, MS; Delin, A; Katsnelson, MI; Kirilyuk, A; Johansson, B; Sanyal, B; Eriksson, OValence and spectral properties of rare-earth clustersPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 92, 351432015
Etz, C; Bergqvist, L; Bergman, A; Taroni, A; Eriksson, OAtomistic spin dynamics and surface magnonsJOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, 27, 2432022015
Kocevski, V; Rusz, J; Eriksson, O; Sarma, DDFirst-principles study of the influence of different interfaces and core types on the properties of CdSe/CdS core-shell nanocrystalsSCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 5, 108652015
Niarchos, D; Giannopoulos, G; Gjoka, M; Sarafidis, C; Psycharis, V; Rusz, J; Edstrom, A; Eriksson, O; Toson, P; Fidler, J; Anagnostopoulou, E; Sanyal, U; Ott, F; Lacroix, LM; Viau, G; Bran, C; Vazquez, M; Reichel, L; Schultz, L; Fahler, SToward Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnets: A Combinatorial Approach Exploiting the Possibilities of Modeling, Shape Anisotropy in Elongated Nanoparticles, and Combinatorial Thin-Film ApproachJOM, 67, 13282015
Johansson, R; Ahuja, R; Eriksson, O; Hjorvarsson, B; Scheicher, RHEffect of uniaxial strain on the site occupancy of hydrogen in vanadium from density-functional calculationsSCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 5, 103012015
Wang, BT; Souvatzis, P; Eriksson, O; Zhang, PLattice dynamics and chemical bonding in Sb2Te3 from first-principles calculationsJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 142, 1747022015
Kocevski, V; Eriksson, O; Rusz, JBand alignment switching and the interaction between neighboring silicon nanocrystals embedded in a SiC matrixPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 91, 1654292015
Szilva, A; Balla, P; Eriksson, O; Zarand, G; Szunyogh, LUniversal distribution of magnetic anisotropy of impurities in ordered and disordered nanograinsPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 91, 1344212015
Kvashnin, YO; Granas, O; Di Marco, I; Katsnelson, MI; Lichtenstein, AI; Eriksson, OExchange parameters of strongly correlated materials: Extraction from spin-polarized density functional theory plus dynamical mean-field theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW B, 91, 1251332015
Ben Romdhane, F; Cretu, O; Debbichi, L; Eriksson, O; Lebegue, S; Banhart, FQuasi-2D Cu2S Crystals on Graphene: In-situ Growth and ab-initio CalculationsSMALL, 11, 12572015
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