Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to acknowledge eSSENCE in publications?
A: … this work was performed within the framework of the Swedish national strategic e-science research program eSSENCE …

Q: What is the address of the eSSENCE mailing list?
A: mail-list@essenceofescience.se
Note: your e-mail should be registered (subscribed) first in order to post messages.

Q: How to subscribe to eSSENCE mailing list?
A: Subscribe to eSSENCE mail list

Q: How to unsubscribe from eSSENCE mailing list?
A: Unsubscribe from eSSENCE mailing list

Q: Is there a RSS feed of the news  posted on the eSSENCE web page?
A: The RSS feed for the eSSENCE News is: http://essenceofescience.se/feed/
RSS 0.92 feed format – http://essenceofescience.se/feed/rss/
RSS 2.0 feed format – http://essenceofescience.se/feed/rss2/
RDF/RSS 1.0 feed format – http://essenceofescience.se/feed/rdf/
Atom feed format – http://essenceofescience.se/feed/atom/