Economic demography

Economic demography explores the relationship between population and economy in a broad sense; how a population is influenced by economic development and in what ways do population changes affect the economy. The classical dilemma, still relevant in our times, is whether the economic resources will suffice for an ever-increasing population growth.

Areas of research:

  • Factors behind changes in fertility: the long-term decline, the long waves, and the short-term variations
  • Factors behind changes in mortality: the long-term decline, age-specific mortality, and causes of death
  • Factors behind immigration, and emigration/return migration: economic and political aspects, and the economic integration of immigrants
  • Demographic causes of changes in age composition
  • Effects of decreasing child-births: the family, the school and educational system
  • Effects of increasing longevity (individual ageing): the individual, the family, geriatric care, and the pension system
  • Effects of changes in age composition (population ageing): the labour market, the health care system, and the pension system