Postdoc position in computer science or bioinformatics with focus on Hadoop for large scale sequence analysis

at the Department of Information Technology
Application no later than 2012-10-15. UFV-PA 2012/2414

Background: The emerge of high-throughput technologies such as next-generation sequencing has turned life science into a data-intensive domain, which places high demands on an e-infrastructure in order to be analysed. UPPMAX ( is UppsalaUniversity’s center for high performance storage and computations that via the project UPPNEX ( offers resources for storage, computations, software and user support in bioinformatics and primarily sequence analysis. We are now seeking a Postdoc to evaluate how technologies like cloud computing and Hadoop can complement the current infrastructure and offer improved services in storage and analysis of bioscience data. Continue reading

eSSENCE invites Letters-of-Interest in the area of e-Science research

In this call, we are aiming at research areas involving e-Science collaborations between the universities and between scientific disciplines.

The plan is to support up to three 2-year post-doctoral fellows, one at each of Lund University, Umeå University and Uppsala University, with 600 kSEK/year during 2013–2014.

More information in the .pdf file: eSSENCE-LoI-LU-Umu-UU_2012.pdf

Deadline: Friday August 31, 2012

Contact: eSSENCE coordinator Ingela Nyström

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Ingela Nyström

Ingela Nyström, Professor
Dept. of Information Technology
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Invitation for Letters of Interest in the area of e-Science research at UU

Call: 2-year PostDoc positions cofunded with 500 kSEK per year.

Deadline: April 30, 2012
Contact: eSSENCE coordinator Ingela Nyström <>
Attachment: eSSENCE-LoI-2012.pdf

 Ingela Nyström, Professor       
 Dept. of Information Technology 
 UPPSALA UNIVERSITET                       Phone: +46 70 1679045
 Box 337                                   Visit: Lägerhyddsvägen 2
 SE-751 05 Uppsala     SWEDEN              ITC building 2, floor 1