Cancer Landscapes: an interactive, global map of regulation in human cancer

Cancer Landscapes: an interactive, global map of regulation in human cancer

A major challenge in current cancer research is to gain biological insight from large scale molecular data from patient samples. In this project, we invent new mathematical methods to construct regulatory maps of multiple cancer diagnoses. The Nelander lab uses data from both public sources and from IGP/SciLifeLab. The results are made available on a new web resource, Cancer Landscapes [1]. A unique feature of Cancer Landscapes is that very complex data become available in an intuitive form, which we and others can use to design experiments [2,3,4]


New mathematical models of brain tumor progression and invasiveness

Brain tumors are characterized by invasive growth, which makes surgical resection inefficient. In this project, the Nelander lab is developing new mathematical simulations of brain tumor growth to understand the principles of brain tumor invasiveness, and to determine new strategies to inhibit invasive growth. The models should be applicable to designing relevant cell screens for glioblastoma and cytometry-based patient prognostics [5,6].


Research group

PI:Sven Nelander
 Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Neuro-Oncologym, Uppsala University

Links and references

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